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Good Voices Improve Your Sound

Our in-studio quality announcers present your weather on a market exclusive basis.
Your weather can include a time check (for satellite programming) and a brief sponsor credit.
Voices can rotate in shifts if desired (at nominal extra cost).

Who is a talented smooth jazz personality in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Miami, Chicago
and several other cities on the nationwide Smooth Jazz Network.

Formerly on air in New York City for 20 years, she's now production manager for Cumulus Sound Solutions,the company's commercial
creative resource center.
She helps create commercial campaigns for Cumulus stations and clients nationwide. She also does imaging for stations nationwide.
Her New York City stations include CBS' WWFS, Fresh 102.7 FM.
(This sample from includes a typical sponsor credit.)

Formerly one of the voices on demos and hundreds of voice tracked stations
for Century 21 Programming and TM Century.

For uptempo stations. (Jingle and music by others.)

A veteran Houston air personality and program director of Radio Amistad.

We add voices all the time. We are happy to use your station's voices, although there is a one-time startup fee required for editing and naming your files as required by our software. You might be able to recoup that cost if your announcers are willing to record material for our clients in other markets.

The samples on this website are MP3 files, but our real 'casts are high quality uncompressed WAVE files from great sounding announcers. Never any bad phone connections are synthesized robots with