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More Experience Than Any Other Vendor creator Dave Scott has decades of successful years of radio automation experience, including ownership of automated stations. Dave also has a reputation for great products through his 13 years as founder and former CEO of Scott Studios and 17 years as Chairman and CEO of TM Century and Century 21 Programming.

If You Don't Love It, It's Scott Free will improve your station. For most of the day, night, weekend and holidays, it will sound better and will be more accurate and up to date than what you're doing now. Yet, it's affordable. And you'll probably be able to boost your bottom line because this great weather will stand out as a positive enhancement to your programming. That means it will be easy to sell.

As with all Dave Scott products for decades, in the first 60 days of using, if you're not happy with it, you can cancel with no obligation. You get Golden Rule service with! Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Contact Info